Nov 23

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YelloRed cc ‘ BE SHARP SAFE ‘

yellowred containerthumbnailThe problem that we have in South Africa with insulin needle safety, has been a thorn in my side for too long. It is time someone does something about it. YelloRed cc has been established to bring awareness to the professionals prescribing, the pharmacists dispensing and the people using these needles at home for diabetes management. This form of subcutaneous treatment is very effective for Type 1’s as well as a large percentage of Type 2 patients. Daily injections, from one up to 4 times per day, amounts to an maximum of 120 needles per month. But you and me both know that this is a third world country and people get a standard of 10 needles dispensed per month, which means one needle is supposed to last you 3 days (12 injections).
Now let’s do some simple calculations:
10 needles x 12 months equals 120 needles per yr. I have been diabetic for 34 yrs, so on average I used 4080 needles since I was diagnosed. This is just one person’s medical waste ending up on rubbish dumps, imagine how many needles are incorrectly disposed of???
I use to break off the syringe needle, hoping that nobody would be able to re-use it or injure themselves. I would try to dispose of it in tablet containers, plastic colddrink bottles, or anything with a lid or cap, but I never felt this was the right thing to do.
A South African research study showed that some even bury their needles underground and others even flush it down the toilets. Does this bother you as much it does me?

I am bringing to you the YelloRed Sharps Container 200ml for home use. It can take up to 120 insulin pen needles and therefor. last you up to a year.

For more information regarding this product, please go to: http://www.yellored.co.za/

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