Nov 03

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Sex and diabetes = linking

IntimacyHow sex can improve living with diabetes.

What if, when you were diagnosed with diabetes, you were also advised to have regular sex? Would you  feel less guilty, less ashamed or less sorry for yourself.  You might lift your eyebrow now…  Sex has always been an ED topic when it comes to diabetes.  We can change this stigma of negative long-term complication between sex and diabetes. It starts with you, yes you.

Sex is exercise and people with diabetes are advised to be more active.  Exercise is one of the cornerstones of diabetes management and sex becomes an important part of your diabetes lifestyle.  You will experience a lowering in blood glucose, an increased heartbeat, improved blood circulation and a reduced blood pressure.  Does this sound good for you?  Does it sound like an aerobic workout?  Which one would you prefer if you had the choice?  Yip, I thought so…

If we as Diabetes Educators can share the important role of sex in the management of diabetes there will be a tendency for people to get tested and accept this condition much easier.  People would want to know if they have diabetes just because of this reason…

Do we not say there are so many undiagnosed people living with diabetes?  Are people too scared to face the mirror/ truth? Are people too scared of being deprived of their favourite and large portion-sized food?  Or is changing one’s lifestyle just too much to ask?


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