Apr 18

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GOOD Friday in the Cape of GOOD Hope

Cross of JesusMark 15: 33-41

Jesus died far away from here and many years ago, but He lives and He is the reason that you live.

I watched a movie of an 11 yr. old boy today who believed he was dying of cancer and he wanted to get his name into the world book of records and he decided to attempt building the most snowmen in a day that was ever built.  He was adamant he had to be remembered for something great.   He failed accomplishing his goal that day and fell into the freezing lake and died.  He was dead for 53 minutes and survived with no brain damage.  He got famous for this reason, but said publicly:  ‘It’s not what you accomplish in life that you are remembered for, but it’s in the way you did it.’  After this news was broadcast, more neighboring schools  got involved and together they achieved the dream of building a record amount of snowmen which landed them in the World Book of Records.

This movie is based on a true story and a very valuable lesson for all on this GOOD Friday.

Do whatever you do with the intention to share the love of Jesus.  Change your mind set about Jesus and start accepting the truth.

He will “make it happen”.

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