Apr 17

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Saying thank you to Frederick Banting

Fredrick Banting BeginningThe day before Easter was when I received the diagnosis of Diabetes Mellitus, 33 years ago.

Thanking you, Mr Frederick Banting, for the addition of this amount of time added to my 11 years of life IN 1981.  Your determination in finding a solution for Beta cell hormone replacement, made it all possible.

Your discovery of this hormone replacement has prolonged the lives of so many people, it will be difficult to calculate.  But it is my wish that most of the people reading this post, will add their personal time detail of how this hormone discovery altered their lifespan.

if it was not for you Frederick, I wouldn’t have been able to complete my high school education, furthered my education with a degree in Dietetics, getting married, giving birth to two strong and healthy children (now teenage son  and -daughter) and have a fulfilling working career.  And even now, at the age of 44, I have found the love of my life whom I will share the rest of my life with, knowing that you and God have made this all possible.

Your name, Frederick Banting,  should be on the lips of so many thankful people living the diabetes life.

Let me start and get people to share in my appreciation!!! This is for you … FREDERICK BANTING.

Fredrick Banting end

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