Apr 12

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The Chronicness* of chronic

Chronic‘Always present’,  is what it means.  Always with you, or maybe always within you….however you want to look at it, but, yes, diabetes is part of you to take care of for the rest of your life.

Lately I’ve realized that this condition is very much like taking care of your baby.  Just like babies need to be fed, nappy changed, bathed and put to sleep, your ‘Diababy’ needs to be taken care of in a similar way.

When you have a baby, you cannot deny that it’s yours.  Just as your child is a gift from God, so much is your Diababy.

When I was pregnant with both my children, it was the time in my life that I took utmost care of the glucose levels in my blood.  The reason why it was easier to give it first priority in my life, is because I knew that this new person developing within my body, is totally dependent on me for its life.  I was taking care of someone else now; not just myself.

The only difference with the Diababy, is that it never grows up to be independent like your child.  It needs permanent care and denial won’t make it go away or disappear.  It is with you always and need you.

Loving your Diababy is what you need to do for the rest of your life. You cannot get tired or give up and this is the hardest part.

Talking about your Diababy will help.

Welcome to my lounge. Sit and have a cup of coffee or tea and tell me how you feel.  We will share and enable ourselves to feel encouraged to keep on going  forward to be able to cope.

It is not easy. Nobody said it was. It is chronic, always present.

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