Apr 10

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Diabetes says: LOVE YOURSELF

Love YourselfDiabetes is a condition whereby you are urged to take care of yourself.  I have always wondered why it seems so easy for some people and such a struggle for others…

It only came to me today…

Our God created all people, yes you too!  He loves us and He wants us to love ourselves.

Those of us who have difficulty with accepting the diabetes, who never seemed to have gotten to the bottom of this condition: ask yourself the question: Do I love myself?  Think… No, think again… Why do I then harm myself?  You know what I mean.  Why the damage to my God-given body, if I do have the knowledge and ability to take care of myself?  How many times have people told you or pleaded by you to please take care of yourself?? And you brush it off by saying: ‘Ye Ye…’  Feelings of resentment, anger, frustration tend to creep up from nowhere.  Why? Why? Why?…  Because everyone wants to tell me what to do….

And you know what??? The only message you ever needed to hear was: “Love yourself, because God loves you”.

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