Apr 05

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The Complication Closet (CC)

little girlDiabetes is a progressive disorder and we who are living with the complications (so often referred to) of this condition, needs to come out and share our loss of pain sensation, eye sensitivity to sunlight, night blindness, blood pressure hypos, general weakness with inflammation in joints (mainly painful shoulder joint), nausea caused mainly by elevated toxins formed because of kidney disease etc. etc. etc.  I have come out of my CC.  Why don’t you share yours here on my blog?

Sharing is caring.  You will feel so much better to know that you are not the only one!! No, don’t feel ashamed!! I know we are made to feel this way.  And you know why?  It’s because our minds have been imprinted upon that if you control your blood sugar, eat the perfect diet and do the right amount of exercise, you will not live with or suffer any complications, meaning non-compliance (don’t they love this word), will lead to retinopathy, neuropathy, nephropathy and all the other -pathys you might find out there….  And/but this is not necessarily the truth…

Nobody is perfect.  No, not even you.  But do take note:  You are special.  You are unique with your own type of diabetes and with your own unique complicated human body.  Humans all have their own uniqueness (often with age, wealth starts to accompany them) : some had to exchange teeth for gold; others received crystals in their kidneys, some found lead in their stools and others iron in their liver; and we found sugar in our blood!! How rich can you get from that??!!

Know and do not forget: God made you.  He gave you this body to operate within.  Your soul is YOU; not your body.  Take care of your soul and share how you feel.  Do not let your body define who YOU are.

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